Demos with Regi Wooten

Regi Wooten was born Elijah Reginald Wooten in Shreveport, Louisiana U.S.A. Started playing homemade instruments early on and at five years old James Brown saw Regi and brothers Roy and Rudy dancing and he pulled them up on stage to dance with him.
When Regi was nine he started teaching his younger brother Victor bass and Joseph keyboards. Immediately the Wooten Brothers Band was formed featuring; Regi on ukelele, Roy on drums, Rudy on Saxophone, Joe on Keys and Victor on bass. Regi was ten years old at that time, Roy was nine, Rudy was eight, Joseph was five and Victor was two.
The Wooten Brothers band played all over Hawaii and then moved to California. When Regi was 14 and Victor was five they toured with legendary Curtis Mayfield and played the movie Superfly tour.
Regi has opened up for War, Temptations, Emotions, etc.